Mountain-Side Mourning

Episode HLILIT-202ZH

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  • September 15, 2013

    9:00 PM e/p

  • September 15, 2013

    12:00 AM e/p

When Cory and wife Linda bought their little bungalow eleven years ago, they fell in love with the incredible mountain-side community?not to mention the rental suite income available downstairs. But now that their family has grown, they need the space and have completely taken over the basement apartment. But even though the kids' bedrooms are downstairs, they have no room to play. The list of complaints continues upstairs with the lack of adult space as well. Looking to turn the page on this woeful living space are rivals Jillian and Todd. Jillian and her design team will try to restore harmony with an open concept design plan while Todd believes he can find all of the serenity they need in a new home. Trapped in an endless maze of dysfunction and unable to see eye-to-eye, Cory and Linda will have to decide... can they love their home again or will they list it?