Blended Family Blues

Episode HLILIT-101H

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  • October 09, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

When this post-war bungalow won over Amy and Chris ten years ago, they were young, in love and just happy to join the ranks of homeowners. But then life got a whole lot more complicated. They had a baby and six months later, Chris's sixteen year old daughter moved in with the already growing family. Now Amy and Chris are fighting over the future of their dysfunctional first home. With this frustrating house driving Amy crazy, and Chris seeking sanctuary in his own space, it's a good thing two experts are here to help. Designer Jillian and her team will turn their outdated bungalow into a modern example of form and function, while realtor Todd will try to help them find peace in a new place. In the end, Chris and Amy will have to decide: will they love it or list it?