Unemployment Insurance

Episode HINPR-309

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Crystal bought her new duplex before selling her condo and exactly two weeks before losing her job during an unexpected corporate downsizing. Crystal decided to embrace the unexpected time off. She felt confident, since it was summer, that she would be back at work the fall season. Well, fall came and went with no job offers, and Crystal was forced to take a loss, selling her city condo so she could close on her new house. Luckily the second floor apartment had a decent bathroom and rough-in for a kitchen. Crystal managed to cobble together a working kitchen on a shoestring. She was able to bring in a tenant who stayed for 8 months and saved Crystal from defaulting on her mortgage. Crystal is now working full time after 18 months of unemployment and needs to improve the apartment to bring in a better renter to help pay off 18 months of accumulated debts.