Taking Control of Finances by Finishing a Long Neglected Renovation

Episode HINPR-603H

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Nadia & Gino met online five years ago ? when they were divorced single parents with challenging careers. They married earlier this year but their household income has been cut in half due to lost jobs and a poor economy, and as a result, they're eating up their savings quickly. Gino decided that property might offer a more secure financial future so he bought this duplexed 60s bungalow in small town suburbia and rented out both units. The extra income from this property is essential for them to move forward towards a secure financial future but six months ago the basement tenant moved out and they decided to upgrade the apartment to try and attract a higher rent for the space. To save money Gino took a stab at doing some of the renovations himself - but the place is now gutted and uninhabitable and they've lost months of much needed revenue. They've got limited resources to finish the job and they're stuck wondering what to do next. They need Income Property help.