Staying On Track

Episode HINPR-307H

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Andrea and Luke bought their duplex two years ago and have rented out the two-bedroom upper unit ever since. Even though the unit was in need of some TLC, they easily acquired their first tenants; a quiet, professional couple that respected the apartment and the fact their landlords lived below. After they moved out, Andrea and Luke had trouble finding a renter of the same calibre. Without laundry, many prospective tenants were uninterested. They finally agreed to rent to a couple of students in order to maintain the rental income at the same rate as the year before. Since then, Andrea and Luke have endured loud music and parties as well as the constant complaints from their semi-detached neighbor. The rental income is directly linked to their a five-year plan that will allow Andrea and Luke to purchase a second property, a single-family home, in which they would like to start a family.