Single Dad's Solution

Episode HINPR-312H

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It took a year-and-a-half for divorced dad Kerry to find a house that could be a home to share with his two children and would also have a rental unit to provide extra income to fund the kids' expensive sporting activities. He found a modest suburban bungalow with two units and snagged it for $175,000. $25,000 less than his budget. However, when it came time to take possession, Kerry discovered the tenants had trashed the house and both apartments would require a complete gut. The savings realized on the purchase was immediately devoured to make the main floor unit clean and safe so that it would be comfortable for his kids when they stayed over. Although the main floor has been finished for several months, the basement unit remains a disaster and that much-needed extra income is nowhere near his bank account. With a demanding, full time job and many extracurricular kids activities, this devoted dad has no time to finish the basement apartment renovations and needs help.