Setting Priorities

Episode HINPR-403H

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Tune In

  • March 31, 2014

    8:00 AM e/p

Fifteen years ago Lori and her husband bought an 80-year-old brick duplex in a downtown neighborhood. Now separated, she's raising her three children on her own in a house that needs far more work than Lori has time or money to spend. They have always lived in the upper unit and have rented the main floor apartment. Lori has been a chef for a prestigious restaurant group for several years but has a very modest salary. She is dependent upon the income from downstairs to make ends meet, pay the bills and raise her kids. A couple of years ago she rented the apartment to her brother at a significantly reduced rent. The situation turned out disastrous as he left the apartment in serious disrepair, not to mention an unpaid electricity bill. Lori has since lost a considerable amount of income and cannot afford all of the renovations needed in the apartment. She calls on Scott for help and advice.