Second Income

Episode HINPR-406H

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  • September 17, 2014

    8:30 AM e/p

For several years Nancy and her husband lived in an apartment while they saved a good down payment for a nice house in an established suburb. Three years ago they finally bought a bungalow that would be a lovely home for their three young children. Six months after they moved in, Nancy's husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a few months later. She's now raising her children on her own, with her parents playing a strong supportive role. Nancy is extremely positive about what the future holds, however a second income is needed to help with the present reality of supporting her family. Their partially finished basement apartment has only been used for laundry, storage and as a playroom and Nancy sees it as an opportunity to ease the financial burden of being the sole breadwinner and an opportunity to move forward. The apartment needs to be separated and reconfigured before its ready to rent and Nancy doesn't know where to begin.