Reena & Kulvir Need to Rent Their Basement Unit so They can Save to Add a Second Story to Their Home

Episode HINPR-510H

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  • September 17, 2014

    10:00 AM e/p

Reena and Kulvir are newlyweds and have recently bought their first home. This modest two bedroom 1960s house appealed to them because it's located in an older suburb not far from their parents, but most importantly it had an income suite in the basement which would help to pay the bills and let them plan a family without worrying about lost income. They also have a few other dreams ? building a second story on the house to accommodate that family, postgraduate education and one day, a world trip to visit relatives around the globe. They've just moved in and the first step is to get this income property rented but the space is dated and dingy and they have no design creativity or construction experience to know what to do in order to attract the kind of tenant they want. They need Income Property's help.