Raw To Refined

Episode HINPR-410H

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  • September 17, 2014

    9:30 AM e/p

Kat and Al were very happy living in this house as tenants but eventually they had saved enough to buy their own home. When they told their landlord that they were ready for the big step to owning a property, he offered to sell them the triplex where they'd lived very happily in the main floor apartment. Not only was the price right, there was a great tenant upstairs and another apartment in the basement so the rental income would almost pay Kat and Al's mortgage entirely. However, the basement apartment suffered from water issues and mold, which meant it had to be gutted and major exterior work done to correct the problem. Now they're ready to turn it from a raw space into a refined home for a new tenant. They've started the work, and done a decent job so far, but with Al working the early morning shift and Kat on the evening shift at her job, plus caring for their two-year-old daughter, there's no time to finish the apartment. It's wearing them down and causing tension between them as they struggle to make the right decisions.