Out of Debt & Down the Aisle

Episode HINPR-304H

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In order to get into the housing market, Bonnie and Merv recently purchased a three-story row house. They originally thought of turning the basement into a ''man den'' for Merv, but once they moved in, they quickly realized the basement apartment was almost ready to go and that it wouldn't take much to complete the renovation. Sounds great, but Bonnie is admittedly ''not handy'' and compared to Merv, she might qualify as ''expert''. What's more, Bonnie is dreaming of getting married while Merv dreams of buying CDs, clothes and shoes. Merv's spending habits have put the couple into debt, but Bonnie seems to be the only one feeling the strain. Where to start? They just know they need an income suite to help them get out of the financial hole they have dug for themselves. Then perhaps they can get married and live happily ever after!