Leaving Options Open for a Singer-Songwriter who hopes his Income Property can be a Hit

Episode HINPR-609H

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Ross is a singer songwriter who makes a living teaching music to kids. He loves this work but his goal is to spend more time and energy developing as a songwriter. He recently bought this downtown triplex, which will bring in extra revenue and allow him to do just that. He's also ready to get married and start a family and this house will be part of that dream as well. The house had been well maintained but has aesthetic and practical problems with the main floor apartment. The shower and the toilet are in two separate rooms off the tiny 1950s kitchen; it still needs to be properly separated from the main entry and a bedroom must be defined. Ross is looking for guidance to upgrade the apartment so he can rent it now, but easily convert it to a single-family home in the future. This first-timer has style but not the know how. He needs Income Property's help.