Indecision & Doubt for Two Homeowners that Can't Agree on How to Finish Things

Episode HINPR-601H

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Cliff and Thyrza bought this 1950s bungalow in an older suburb. After purchasing the house three years ago, they spent $100k completely renovating the main floor to make it their own. But there is unfinished business in the basement. They originally intended to finish the basement and rent it out, but over time have started to use some of the space. Cliff moved his office to the basement and Thyrza has claimed the laundry room as her own. They are now ready to get back on track with the original plan. The only problem? They can't agree on how it should be renovated. Cliff would like to see two apartments in the basement, whereas Thyrza is not willing to give up her laundry room. Cliff and Thyrza need Income Property help.