Funding This Family Through Maternity Leave Will Require An Income Suite

Episode HINPR-503H

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  • September 30, 2014

    10:00 AM e/p

Patricia and Manny traded in their sports car and party days for an older home and family life. Now they have a feisty 16-month-old daughter and newborn twin girls! When they found out they'd have three children under the age of two, mild financial panic set in! They had a tough time coping with the first maternity leave and with increased child rearing costs this time round, they know they have to come up with a plan to generate some supplemental income from their dark and dingy basement. They've got a few ideas on how this space could make them money, but in the mean time Manny has gutted the entire basement down to the brick walls and stud ceiling. Now Patricia, daughter, Sofia, and the twins are living with the grandparents until the dust settles safely at home and the renovation is over. Now that the twins are here, Manny can't possibly get the renovation done on his own. This space has to be ready before Patricia moves back home with Sofia and the new babies. They need Income Property help.