From Gutted To Gorgeous

Episode HINPR-411H

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Tune In

  • April 14, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Chris and HaeLee met in Korea while he was working there. They fell in love, they moved back to Canada and after a few years, with baby Anna on the way they bought a modest house with a rental unit. All along the plan was to live in the upstairs for 5?7 years at which point they would move on to their dream home and keep this one as their retirement plan. It has now been 8 years. They had just signed a lease with a new tenant for the basement apartment and decided to spruce up the upstairs and start their search for a new home when the sewage backed up in the basement, destroying the apartment. Now plans for the upstairs are on hold while they rush to get the basement apartment completely rebuilt for the tenant who is prepared to wait an extra month before moving in. Chris and HaeLee do not have a clue about how to design and create a new apartment from the scratch and they're desperate for direction.