First Time Parents Seek Extra Income

Episode HINPR-306H

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Antoinette and Mike bought a ranch-style bungalow and took possession shortly after the New Year. Antoinette is set to give birth to their first child in April and while they are over the moon excited about this fast approaching event, they are also concerned about their cash flow once Antoinette goes on maternity leave. Mike works as a bricklayer, which is characteristically seasonal work and doesn't provide a steady, reliable pay packet. Antoinette's job as a high school teacher has helped to stabilize their household income. With the considerable drop in her salary expected in April they feel an income suite will make it easier to fill in some of the financial gaps. Their biggest concern is making sure the renovations completed will make certain the safety of a tenant in the basement and their family upstairs. With a baby on the way they have no time to lose.