Failure To Launch

Episode HINPR-308H

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Rushad spent a year and a half looking for an income property before he found his triplex. All 3 suites in the house needed quite a bit of improvements, so the clever young man devised a plan to get it done on a reasonable budget. First, he borrowed money from his parents and took out a loan to do the renovations. Then he renovated the 2nd floor and attic apartments and got them rented so that he could afford to do the work on the second level main floor/basement suite. The plan was to get it rented out. Then, when the tenant in the attic vacated, he'd move in! Unfortunately, it hasn't worked as planned. The main floor/basement unit has been a greater challenge than expected. Overall, it's been an expensive year for Rushad and he fears he's put all his eggs in one basket.