Basement Bill Payer

Episode HINPR-409H

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  • April 07, 2014

    8:00 AM e/p

One very important thing Melanie and Pavan had in common when they first met was that they both loved Jack Russell Terriers. They're now married and living in the modest, mid-century bungalow that they bought from Pavan's mother. The house had an occupied, separate basement apartment, which helped to keep them ahead of the mortgage payments. When the tenant moved out, Pavan's sister moved in and that's when they discovered the problems with the apartment. When she left over a year ago, they planned to soundproof and upgrade the out-dated unit, however, neither one of them is handy and they didn't know where to start so they procrastinated. The extra income didn't seem like an urgent priority until several months ago when their dog became ill. Now with huge vet bills to pay, they're finally motivated to get that apartment renovated and rented so they can pay down their debt and balance their books.