Awkward Arrangement

Episode HINPR-402H

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Tune In

  • September 17, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Three years ago Sabrina and Daryl bought a 1950s triplex from her father. He had owned it for decades and at some point every member of the family occupied one unit or another. Sabrina and Daryl now live in the middle apartment with their two-year-old son and rent out the upper unit but the lower basement unit has been vacant for months. No one wants to rent the space because of one huge problem with the layout- the bathroom is outside of the apartment in the corridor, which also leads to the shared laundry room. Sabrina and Daryl desperately need to resolve the privacy issue before they can attract the tenant they want and get the rent that the large, bright basement is worth. The reconfiguration is a challenge they just can't seem to lick so they've called on Scott to help solve the problem, get them back on the landlord trail and bring in the rent they are dependent upon.