All at Once

Episode HINPR-613H

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Tune In

  • August 14, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

Jerry and Amee met at work and it was love at first sight. Fast-forward one year later, and they're still working together as government environmental officers. These two have big plans! They're getting married, already talking about having a family and they've just purchased their first property: a 1960s suburban bungalow. They paid $406,000 for this suburban house ? and beat out 30 other buyers with an endearing note to the original owner! Amee's family is also headed in from the Philippines for the wedding and to help with their home reno. These new home-owners are stretched to the limit, and are now officially at risk of being house poor, long term! They've put all of their savings and investments into this house, and hope to create a basement income suite that will fund their big dreams of starting a family within the next three years and eventually fund trips to visit family overseas. The problem? They barely know a hammer from a saw. They need Income Property's help.