A New Beginning for a Divorced Dad

Episode HINPR-612T2H

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Rui is a divorced dad with two school age children who is now rebuilding his life after a significant business failure that set him back $150,000 and left him with a tax debt. Rui and the kids moved in with a relative while he began to rebuild his life and stabilize his finances. About a year ago he was finally able to buy a nice bungalow in a suburban town outside of the city and got to work renovating the basement apartment where he and the children now live. He started tackling the 3-bedroom main floor apartment, but raising two children and trying to launch his fledgling IT support business is proving too much for the single dad. The rental income is essential to help Rui regain his financial stability, pay for the kids' expenses and eventually pay for their education. He's a handy guy and started the renovations upstairs but between raising his kids and nurturing his business, he has no time to finish the job that will help him get back on his feet. Rui needs Income Property's help.