Uncovering Home Histories

Episode WCT-1608H

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First, Emily and Robert Caldwell had a lot of restoration work to do when they first bought their 1804 Georgian Colonial in Hebron, Maine. When they find antique books, an 1870s secretary desk, and a bayonet around their property, they can't help but wonder how they all connect. Next, when Lori and Derrill Rice bought a charming log cabin village in Elkin, N.C., they got a big surprise — a treasure hunt behind every door. Then, Cathie Hiltbrand makes an explosive discovery in in her 1837 Victorian Colonial in Dover, Ohio, when she notices a wooden box marked "dynamite" in a corner of her basement. She is relieved to find the box full of 1800s kitchen tools instead of explosives, but her curiosity overcomes her and she sets off to find out more about the history of her home. Finally, when William Adams and Robert Gaudette bought their 1740s Gregorian home in Seekonk, Mass., it was being used as an antique store. While turning the building back into a home, they come across several items from the past that help them uncover their home's history.