Treasures From the Past

Episode WCT-1412H

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First, after buying a Des Moines, Iowa, Victorian for a dollar, Jennifer and Larry James didn't expect to get more than four walls and a front door out of the place and were stunned to discover a treasure trove of scientific finds inside. Then, when Pam and Tim Wellborn bought their 1938 Colonial-style home in Alexander City, Ala., they couldn't help noticing its strong resemblance to Mt. Vernon. An attic full of items from the 1940s and a secret garden help them understand the history of their home and the prominent previous homeowners, including a first lady, who once lived there. Next, Marty and Tim Smith's discovery of birdcages and artwork in their 1893 Victorian in Salisbury, N.C., lead to them learning about the eccentric previous owner and her trash-talking pet. Finally, when Springfield, Penn., homeowner Judy Wilmarth finds the home's original deed and secret panels once used to harbor runaway slaves, she searches for more information about the influential previous homeowner.