Time Capsules

Episode WCT-1610H

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First, Kris and Bob Garrison are shocked to discover that the original owner of their Queen Anne Victorian in Jennings, Ms., was a wealthy inventor who left behind some of the secrets of his craft. Next, imagine trying to uncover the history of your log-cabin house, but instead stumbling into a find that could change history. That is exactly what happens to Cascade, Idaho, homeowners Diana and Barry Bryant when they discover a stash of valuable tools on their property. Then, Tonyea and Terry Kellison knew the previous owners of their Salem, Ohio, home had a sense of humor when they noticed their walls had some interesting additions pasted into the wallpapered scenes. Finally, while restoring their nearly 200-year-old home in Rockland, Mass., Molly and Frank Schnabel knew they were bound to come across something interesting, but they weren't expecting to discover a virtual time capsule from 1860.