The Crime Castle

Episode WCT-1513H

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First, Warwick, R.I., homeowner Bill Nixon's 1901 Colonial came complete with a secret underground concrete room, an escape tunnel and bullet marks on the walls. When Bill finds out his house was once nicknamed "the crime castle," he begins to research the home's past and comes up with a surprising link to a prohibition rum runner and the mob. Next, Lyn and Ron O'Callaghan find clues to the past all over their 1790s home in New Hampton, N.H., but can't determine if it was once a post office, a tavern or a stagecoach stop. Then, homeowners Peggy and Howard Levine are happy to know that countless lives had been saved in their home, but they get a little creeped out when they discover a morgue in the basement. Finally, Ruth and Tom Zwierzelewski's Queen Anne in Scottdale, Pa., came with an unexpected feature—a giant electrical switch looming over the bathtub.