Surprise Discoveries

Episode WCT-1510H

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First, self-proclaimed eccentric Arthur Kole gets a pleasant surprise when he moves in to his 8,000-square-foot home in Newburgh, N.Y. There are two safes that are begging to be opened, but when he starts finding caskets, his surprise turns into a "grave mystery." Next, Gayle and Paul Smith think it's strange that their 1896 Priest River, Idaho, log cabin is made from square logs, but they are thrilled to discover that their odd-shaped walls are a great hiding spot for treasure. Then, Jean and Gordon Avery love that their 1864 farmhouse in Eastham, Mass., overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, but they never expected to find part of a whale in their yard! Finally, sometimes you just don't know what your own family is up to. That is what happened to Fairmont, W.Va., homeowners Irene and Mike Shaw when they bought their family home and discovered that their aunt was leading a double life.