Speakeasy Mystery

Episode WCT-1403H

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First, when Kirby Upjohn bought his 10-room, 1921 house in Kansas City, Mo., she could not help but notice all of the strange devices installed around the house. Her mind fills with questions when she discovers that the instruments were used for security in the early 1920s. Next, Elaine Cox, the owner of a 1849 Colonial Georgian in Bolivar, Tenn., was shocked to discover that her house had a stately story to tell. Then, homeowners Amanda and Paul Herzog find unexplained letters hiding in the wall of their 1899 Victorian in Albuquerque, N.M. and become curious. When the papers tie the house to an old railroad tale, the Herzogs hear their calling and get all aboard to find out more. Finally, Kirby Upjohn takes a closer look at her basement Prohibition-era cocktail lounge and discovers art-deco hardware, a high-powered ventilation system, a projection room and an electric movie screen all from the 1920s! Through research, she is able to determine who built the speakeasy and hosted parties for political bigwigs, including US President Harry S. Truman.