Shocking Discoveries Abound

Episode WCT-1504H

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First, Robert Snow's 1856 home in Columbus, Miss., is so ornate it seems like something from Gone With The Wind, except for the bathtub in the butler's pantry—now that is a little out of place. Next, when Efi Leissos first bought her 1882 home in Altadena, Calif., she had no idea what immense discoveries were just waiting to be uncovered, including the origin of their street name; Christmas Tree Lane. Then, Chuck Bressi and Jeff DiGregorio bought their 1870s territorial adobe in Tucson, Ariz., site unseen and are shocked to discover it has an interior modeled after a traditional San Francisco Victorian. Even more mysterious is the low ceiling in one of the bedrooms, a secret room underneath the house and what seems to be a buried tunnel in the basement! Finally, it didn't take long for Heather and Gabe Wicks to learn that their 1853 home in Nashville, Tenn., has a history of hosting legendary generals over the years. But the couple is even more intrigued with strange items they keep finding around the house. They contact relatives of previous homeowners to find out why there is a secret elevator, a whisky distillery and a horse tie inside the house.