Secrets Exposed

Episode WCT-1605H

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First, imagine buying a mansion that looks like it came out of a Hollywood mystery and then finding a real mystery hidden inside. That's what happens to New Haven, Conn., homeowners Carolyn and Ian Christmann when they discover a sensational story of love, betrayal and a loaded gun in their house! Next, the unique stone archway, tin candle mold, family bible and dozens of photos Barbara and Jay Klehfoth find in their 1835 Federal row house in Centerville, Ind., teach them a lesson in history. Then, Deena and Tim Kinkeade's 1904 Queen Anne in the small town of Moscow, Idaho, isn't exactly where you'd expect to find evidence of great wealth, but that's exactly what they found in their new fixer-upper, and it all starts with a token worth 10 cents. Finally, every homeowner dreams they'll discover something really valuable in their new house—and it looks like Carolyn and Ian Christmann have discovered a lot. An expert is called in to put a value on their discoveries and they find out what they thought might be trash is worth about $22,000.