Russian Relics and More

Episode WCT-1405H

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First, a buried milk bottle and a wooden store sign help Maryland homeowner Will Workman figure out his house's past. Next, the 4,300-square-foot home of Donna and Jeff Burcher was in such bad shape when it was offered to the city, even they refused it. The Burchers took a chance that no one else would and bought it. Medicine bottles, X-ray cards, crutches and wheelchairs lead them to the safe conclusion that their house was used as a hospital in the past. Then, Alice and Carl Reese make some refreshing discoveries in their 3,500-square-foot art-deco home when they find thousands of dollars worth of Dr. Pepper memorabilia and strange machines around the property. Finally, Iris and Hugh Darling inherit his family's Seward, Alaska, general store and the apartment above it. They are shocked to find $10,000 worth of Russian bonds, stacks of cash and deeds to land all over Alaska in the store's 1903 safe.