Restoration Revelations

Episode WCT-1502H

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First, when Cindy and Tony Gorski begin to restore their 1890s home in Dundee, Ill., they can't believe what they find in the walls. They are able to begin piecing together their mysterious finds when they discover a local newspaper addressed to a previous owner with a strange connection to the circus. Next, Twentynine Palms, Calif., homeowner Jerri Hagman thinks she knows everything there is to know about the 1929 home that she inherits from her previous employers—which makes the discovery of a secret room full of gold-mining maps even more shocking. Then, Velvet and Scott Graham's 1888 Queen Anne Victorian in Fort Smith, Ark., was in such bad shape when they bought it the fire department had declared the home a fire hazard. They are determined to save it, or the original turn-of-the-century artwork they find inside could be lost forever. Finally, finding something that could make your house explode is never fun, but Westlake, Ohio, homeowner Steve McQuillin discovers that even a deadly gas leak can have a silver lining.