Relics Reveal Answers

Episode WCT-1401H

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First, Sally and Gran Clark were presented with the golden opportunity to separate fact from fiction when they bought their 2,700-square-foot bank-turned-home in Russellville, Ky. For years it was rumored that the famous Jesse James gang robbed the bank in the 1860s, and the Clarks crack open the vaults of this mystery, literally! Next, the 1800s Georgetown, Ohio, home of Nancy Purdy has been in her family for over 125 years, but she still doesn't know everything about it. Magazine cutouts from 1868 pasted to the attic walls and medicine bottles strewn throughout the garden help her discover the history of her home before her ancestors owned it. Then, Linda Kerr falls even more in love with her 1917, 6,000-square-foot Federal-style house in Wheeling, W.Va., when she discovers its intoxicating past. Finally, Brad and Carol Searcy fish for clues into the past of their Fair Haven, Vt., home and come up with a whale of a tale. Brad makes the catch of the day when he fishes out several books and a handcrafted sign from an attic crawl space.