Records From the Past

Episode WCT-1503H

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First, what do outlandish paintings, 1930s homemade records, medical journals and catgut sutures have in common? Not even homeowners Mike and Terri Cournoyer could figure that out when they first bought their 1927 Mediterranean home in Louisville, Miss., but they were determined to find out. Next, Linda and Charles Piserelle find a stash of diaries, letters and some valuable trinkets hiding in the attic of their 3,000-square-foot Queen Anne in Houston. It all adds up to the story of a family ahead of their time who gave their name to a town. Then, while excavating for a new pool in the backyard of their 7,000-square-foot Lewiston, N.Y., mansion, Diane and Ed Finkbeiner dig up two very large, heavy pieces of American history—cannonballs! Finally, Nikki and Stan Welles knew it was a quirky house, but once they moved into their 1949 home in Homer, Alaska, they found out how strange it really was.