Previous Owners' Surprises

Episode WCT-1606H

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First, when Larry Johnson moves into a spacious craftsman in Hickory, N.C., he discovers a mysterious name that keeps coming up everywhere! A basement full of home movies helps fill in the blanks, but then he finds some titles that shock him. Next, Amy and Curtis Woods' new home in Chester, W. Va., is huge, but it doesn't take them long to realize it is full of fancy features. Then, owner Robert Shaffer thought his 1830s Queen Anne Victorian had nearly 200 years of secrets go up in smoke. But the fire uncovers original artwork by a famous American artist underneath wallpaper, and Robert is able to hire an art historian to restore it. Finally, Lynette and Scott Chandler knew they found something special in their Boise, Idaho, Colonial revival when they learn it was made out of solid granite. But when they find a natural hot spring out back that supplies their home with heat, they begin to wonder about the previous owners, who were ahead of their time.