Pieces of the Past

Episode WCT-1708H

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First, when a lakefront home in Michigan went on sale, Patti and Ken Bing snatched up the old place and began sprucing it up. They had no idea a collection of left-behind items would pave the way to a very interesting past. In their search for answers, they learn that their home is connected to the biggest zoo in the United States. Next, when Craig Melichar and Mike Masciantonio moved into their 1830s farmhouse, it looked as if the history had been stripped away. But that all changed when they started digging up pieces of the past in their very own backyard. Then, Sue Hamblen knew she wanted an old house to make her own, but she never dreamed about the massive amount of history that would come along with it. After finding a Civil War uniform button and a mysterious trap door leading to a tunnel system, she discovers that her home played a secret role in two different wars! Back at the Bings' place, they discover that their craftsman home was once the site of the largest private zoo in America. But is their zoo of funky furniture also a gold mine? An expert takes a look.