Piano Cash Surprise

Episode WCT-1407H

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First, while restoring this 1914 Baxley, Ga., home, Stacey Bass and Jay Anderson discover a secret room left undisturbed for decades. Even more intriguing is the $10,000 they find hidden between the hammers and strings of an antique piano. Next, when Anneli and Bob Ganger bought their 10,000-square-foot mansion in Gulf Stream, Fla., they never expected to find items from the past, especially a hidden swimming pool, elegant furniture, and a fireplace (in Florida?). Then, Jane and George Morris find things like an electric belt and antique liquor bottles stashed away in the attic of their 1890 red brick Victorian in Bowling Green, Ky. Finally, when a previous homeowner of this 1909 traditional told current owners Carole and Charlie Wicks that she had stashed love letters in a wall, the couple's curiosity gets the best of them. After years of living in their Lewistown, Mo., home, they finally decide to knock a hole in a suspicious wall to see what might be hiding there.