Past Secrets Resurface

Episode WCT-1707H

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First, John Gile was on a mission to find his family home, and when he finally found it, he was overwhelmed with the secrets his ancestors left behind. After tracing through his family tree and uncovering a 13-star flag, oil portraits and a rifle, he learns that his home is linked to a Civil War mystery. Next, when Charlotte and Tom Herrmann's dream house finally went on the market, they quickly snatched it up, but as soon as they moved in, they began to take notice of strange medallions and carvings lurking at every corner. Then, when Melissa and Jason Archibald moved into their 1850s home, they had no idea the home's tragic past would be revealed in the woodwork. It wasn't until they started tearing down walls that secrets from the past would come pouring out, including two guns. They learn about a heroic sheriff who once lived in the house and how his death was a huge blow to the entire community. Finally, we return to the home of John Gile, who was thrilled to be able to trace his 300-year-old Colonial back to his ancestors. He was even more excited about finding out if some of their old belongings could be valuable.