Norman Rockwell House

Episode WCT-1607H

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First, no one knew it, but a bizarre mystery that would send shock waves through the art world was hidden in the Arlington, Vt., family home of brothers Don and Dave Trachte. It involves art forgery, a secret compartment and a painting worth millions. Next, it wasn't uncommon for people of earlier generations to have many different skills but "jack-of-all-trades" doesn't even begin to describe the man who once lived in the home of Missy and Kevin Krulik in Lebanon, Ind. Then, Linda and Jim See's 1904 Colonial revival in Wallace, Idaho, came with fancy inlaid floors and handpainted tile. That makes them wonder who could have afforded such luxuries? Finally, it is a story the art world is still talking about. A forgery of a Norman Rockwell painting that's so perfect, even the museum couldn't prove it was a fake. When brothers Don and Dave Trachte find the missing original hidden behind a false wall by their father, they are determined to find out how much the missing masterpiece is worth.