Mystery On The Menu

Episode WCT-1602H

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First, when John Holst finds shot glasses and dice in his 1800s Victorian in Williams, Ariz., he thinks that the building might have once been a saloon or gambling joint, but a mysterious find makes him realize it has also been a brothel. Next, when Pat Kalba discovers a carved gargoyle, fireplace mantel and tiny faces throughout her house, she knows the 1915 Dutch Colonial in New Haven, Conn., must have an interesting past. Then, the scary attic of a 1874 Italianate in Red Oak, Iowa, has been hiding family secrets for decades because no one wants to go inside. Jennifer Boeye finally convinces husband Bill to explore the forgotten area, and they find a treasure trove of Bill's family history. Finally, for years Leigh and Stewart Shepse heard that his ancestors struck it rich in the California gold rush, and they find proof in the attic of their 1902 Nevada City, Calif., family home.