Mystery in the Trees

Episode WCT-1402H

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First, when Vince Kontny bought the 100-year-old Last Dollar Ranch in Montrose, Colo., he had no idea that stories of the past were still whispering through the trees, literally! Next, when Lani and Richard Eklund bought their 8,800-square-foot mansion in Lockeford, Calif., they had only seen the "new" portion of the house, built in 1883. Behind the closed doors of the older portion of the house, they make some peculiar discoveries that lead them chasing after a shocking mystery. Then, when Whitney and Steve Short decided to save a 8,400-square-foot home from the wrecking ball, they never imagined the property's past spanned the entire history of Manhattan, Kan. Finally, Tommye and P.D. Frey immediately fell in love with their 1921 Tudor in Dallas, but could never figure out why the 2,100-square-foot house did not have a proper living room. Their curiosity is peaked even further when they find a hidden doorway that leads into a tiny room, a secret hatch in a closet and a trap door.