Mysteries Uncovered

Episode WCT-1306H

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First, college student newlyweds Carrie and Ryan Breisach show off their dilapidated 1895 Queen Anne Victorian in Kalamazoo, Michigan's "student ghetto." A ruler with a child's name on it and old school report papers peak this young couple's curiosity, and has them searching for more information on their home's past. Next, Kathy and Nathan Sprehe never expected to buy a house that paid for its own renovations, but they didn't complain when a bundle of cold hard cash turned up in their ceiling. Then, Jane and Russ Cartmill anxiously dig up the past when they find two tombstones in the garden of their 1903 Colonial Revival in Eatonton, Ga. Finally, a 1800s Oregon City, Ore., farmhouse is a complete mystery to owners Shirley and Wilbur Wilson. The priorities of the previous homeowners are scrutinized when the Wilsons discover that the house has no bathroom, but had the very first telephone in town.