Multiple Mysteries Unearthed

Episode WCT-1704H

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First, innkeepers Janet Matteucci and her husband, David, fell in love with a Georgian revival in Bethlehem, N.H. But it wasn't just its 7,500 square feet that impressed them. The grand estate came with presidential letters, formal gardens and amazing furnishings. Next, when Pat and Doug McKinnon relocated their family from Germany to Denver, they were excited to find a house with old country charm. Little did they know that lurking behind the walls were unexpected stairways, a hidden door and a secret passage. Then, when Jay Brandow moved into an 1872 Italianate Victorian, he was happy just to be able to get to the bottom of the dozen layers of paint. He had no idea that hidden beneath all the paint was a mystery as deep as Michigan's Great Lakes. A mysterious photo leads to the tale of a ship's captain and his family, along with the story of his tragic shipwreck. Finally, it's back to New Hampshire, where the homeowners find out what some of their treasures are worth.