Multiple Mysteries Revealed

Episode WCT-1604H

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First, when Sherri and Matt DiDuro buy several pieces of furniture from the previous owners of their Geneva, N.Y., home they don't expect to find remnants of a mystery and a Miracle. Papers and an advertisement they find in a desk confirm that the previous owners were the inventors of Miracle-Gro. Next, Jane and Bill Moore searched their house for 10 years while restoring their Greensboro, N.C., Italian farmhouse but end up finding clues to its past buried in the backyard. Then, Heather and Mark Schmidt have a lot of room for a mystery on their seven-acre property in Covington, Ky., and that is exactly what they find. They are shocked to learn their home was once a monastery where monks made their own wine from the acres of vineyards surrounding the 1830s house. Finally, finding hand-forged nails and shoes in their 1796 Vassalboro, Maine, farmhouse isn't as shocking to Elaine Crawford and Dick Kelly as what they discover in their workshop and secret attic room. A hand-woven rug and abolitionist pamphlet in the attic makes Elaine think their house may have once been a part of the Underground Railroad.