Multiple Clues to the Past

Episode WCT-1406H

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First, the Jamesport, N.Y., home of Nancy Gilbert and Richard Wines was made to look like Greek revival to keep up with the early 1800s fashion, but the builders were obviously not wealthy. The pair discovers things like inexpensive china pieces in the yard and a wooden mantel painted to look like the time's popular black marble. Next, Kirby McNabb is the current owner of an 1888 Greek revival plantation called Daffodil Hill in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He is thrilled to discover that flowers are not the most interesting things in his garden, when he digs up a slew of artifacts from the Civil War. Then, keeping with tradition, Jeanne and Brian Muir bought an 8,000-square-foot 1800s saloon / hotel in Weaverville, Calif., to turn it into a quaint bed and breakfast. Little did they know this peaceful-looking property was once a Wild West saloon that had burned and risen from the ashes—at least five times! Finally, no expense was spared in the construction of the 1885 home of Mary Lou and Christopher Harnett in Parkersburg, W.Va. But who built it? The Harnetts find clues in the the intricate woodwork of the inlaid floors, the fireplace tiles and a secret room.