Medical Mysteries Found

Episode WCT-1706H

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First, when Kathy and Joe Spear moved into their 19th-century farmhouse, they had no idea what was in store for them. Joe grew up in the house, so he thought he knew it inside and out. But he was wrong. Soon after the couple moved in, they found tons of antique furniture and a name linking their home to an infamous pirate. Next, after moving into their 1892 Grand Victorian home, Maura and Ed Burgess had no idea that the house was busting at the seams with history. That was until a renovation project turned up medical journals and a strange drain in the middle of their dining-room floor. Then, soon after Mike and Betsy Rutkowski moved into their 200-year-old home in Fairfax, Va., they started to hear stories about a Civil War ghost that haunted their house. They didn't think anything of it until they found a bloodstain on their dining-room floor and a Civil War bullet in their yard. They soon learned their house used to be a makeshift hospital during the war, as well as an Underground Railroad hideout. Finally, when the Spears took over a farmhouse from Joe's parents, they discovered it had been hiding a secret past for over a century. They knew the home was built in 1880 and that the furniture they found dated that far back as well. But is its monetary value worth as much as its historical value? Appraiser Elyse Luray intends to find out.