Mayoral Roots and More

Episode WCT-1202H

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First, Shannon Rhodes and Louie Flores loved their Victorian home in Spokane, Wash., so much they bought it after only seeing part of the place. The house once belonged to the beloved mayor of Spokane, who brought stability and baseball to the town. Next up is a look at house with a name steeped in American history: Riker. The Manhattan home of Marion Duckworth Smith and her husband, Michael Smith is older than the United States itself. Then, for Milt Hanson, it's all A's when it comes to grading his new pad's redo--he’s taken the local high school and converted it into a new home. Along the way, he has stumbled over Arnegard history that's a real winner. Finally, for Merriann Bidgood and Thomas McWhorter, their 1800s farmhouse in Houston, brought the Wild West to life. With links to the harrowing past, this home is a survivor, just like its original owners.