Keys to the Past

Episode WCT-1611H

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First, when Mary and Hal Burgan discover a travel trunk full of photos and 16mm film reels of vacation footage in the attic of their Mount Vernon, Ill., Queen Anne Victorian, they realize that the previous owners must have led a life of luxury. Next, since Eric Decibus restores houses for a living he isn't too surprised to find old bottles, a newspaper and a civil war hat in the floors of his 1840s Colonial in Lambertville, N.J., But when he unearths a famous well from the early 1700s underneath his kitchen cabinets, he isn't the only one that is shocked. Then, when Lestar Martin's great aunt left him her 1848 Greek revival in Gibsland, La., he knew he was bound to come across something interesting — but he never expected to find a connection to a presidential assassin! Finally, the Richmond, Ind., home of Jill and Kris Nelson is a strangely modern old house with details that just don't add up. The couple never would have guessed that finding old light fixtures and hardware would be the "key" to uncovering its important past.