Houses Full of History Lessons

Episode WCT-1705H

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First, when Marcela and Steve Gross moved into their 1805 Federal-style home, they discovered that the past owners had left lots of things behind, including two sets of Victorian chairs and a handmade cabinet. But it was the clues in their barn that helped them learn about an inventor who lived in the house and why their property was known as "Graceland." Next, when Michele and Michael Hills went on a mission to turn an old church into their home in Pittsburgh, they knew they were bound to get a few surprises. They had no idea they would get a full-fledged history lesson in the process. Then, when Mary Beth and Carl Slemp first saw the 10-acre farmhouse in Lapeer Mich., they thought it was very charming. When they found out what was buried underneath, their interest was piqued even more. Finally, we return to the Gross home, where they learn about the well-rounded man who purchased it in 1894. The house stayed in his family for generations, each leaving stuff behind in the barn and attic. Now they are wondering what it's all worth. An expert stops by to give them the shocking news.