House Mysteries Revealed

Episode WCT-1701H

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First, when Maria and Jeff Saperstein moved into their 8,000-square-foot home, they knew they had something special. With crooked chimneys, round rooms and a strange plaque on their roof, the search was on to uncover the stories behind their house. Next, newlyweds Julie and Andrew Kizlinski were bent on buying an older home to restore. Little did they know that an 1884 farmhouse would be the king of all renovation challenges. Then, after years of working in the rat race, Linda and Wes Matchett found the perfect place to relax and call home in Wolfeboro, N.H. But they had no idea what to think when they found tombstones in their yard as well an old door in the attic revealing a stern warning from the past. Finally, Maria and Jeff Saperstein had no idea they could be hiding a fortune — in plain sight. After discovering that the stained-glass windows at the top of their stairs could be authentic Tiffany windows, they are dying to find out what they could be worth.