Homes' Histories Come to Life

Episode WCT-1713H

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First, when Jenny and George Ragsdale got the chance to buy a sprawling 100-year-old estate in Jamestown, N.C., they knew they'd be saving a piece of history. But they had no idea that along with the house, they'd be saving collections that could be priceless. Next, Pattie and Jim Prewitt moved into an old Navasota, Texas, home that had been abandoned and run down for years. As they were working to restore its natural beauty, the couple uncovered paintings, a baby swing and toys, in addition to an old suitcase, filled to the brim with history. Then, when Laurie Dumas got the chance to purchase a 100-year-old Colonial that she had admired for years, she jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't until she married her husband, Jeff, a few years later that the home's history would come to life. Finally, back at the Ragsdale house, more items from past generations surface. Elyse Luray, former appraiser and the famed Christie's Auction House, drops by to take a look at the loot.